CoinLAB Game Guild (CGG) Introduction

2. CoinLAB Game Guild (CGG) Introduction

CGG was built with the desire to contribute in the sustainable development of gaming industry with blockchain technology.
In the context of the traditional game field has earned brilliant achievements, blockchain-based games in Vietnam has just begin its journey and gained attention from the global community.
Despite being a small country with a developing economy, Vietnam is still one of the leading countries in terms of their people’s receptivity to digital assets, specifically in cryptocurrency. This is the foundation for the development of crypto projects constantly created during this whole time. The most outstanding projects in terms of quantity that need to be mentioned are GameFi - Blockchain based -Play To Earn ones.
We have had a few hot GameFi projects which became the symbols mentioned in many documents / data of this industry such as Axie Infinity, BombCrypto,.. However, this is quite a small number compares to the number of Vietnamese startups in GameFi this whole time. We have to admit that most of the GameFi products, after successfully launched their tokens, struggled with operation and the ability to maintain players’ interests and investors’ faith in the future growth of the projects to keep them stay with the projects and hold the tokens. This is a real challenge that many GameFi projects are facing which causes the development teams cannot follow their outlined roadmap.
As a companion of many Vietnamese and international startup projects, while supporting marketing for projects that CoinLAB has invested, CoinLAB realized that post-IDO community activities are significantly necessary in order to maintain the number of token holders and also attract more game players.
This is the reason for the establishment of CoinLAB Game Guild - CGG, the next path of CoinLAB Social Media