CoinLAB and the journey of building its community

1. CoinLAB and the journey of building its community

CoinLAB was established in September, 2021 with the initial orientation of building a community where everyone - who are interested in and believe in cryptocurrencies, can communicate to share their knowledge & experience, seek for profitable investment opportunities to share with others in the community.
The Co-Founders and their team members together formed a small community, named CoinLAB. At that time, the core team had not yet been separated into smaller specialized groups, they are mostly selected to look for potential projects, then research for deeper information to introduce them to the community and seek for investment opportunities; one member in charge of graphics design, one in charge of the community and another responsible for news publishing.
It was when good quality GameFi projects were coming back to the Vietnamese community. Before that, the massive introduction of similar card games led to many people in different communities buying newly released tokens without careful research and selection, eventually became victims of scams, fraudulent projects. In 1 night, 3 games projects scheduled their token listing event; and all of them blocked their official channels right after the community sales round was finished. People started to doubt this crypto market, some even left because they lost their investments; some others still stayed but had a lesson learned and became hesitant when investing in startup projects.
It was a very challenging context for GameFi projects to be welcomed to the market by the community. However, unlike others, a startup project supported by a trusted incubator, with their massive and effective marketing strategy - became the only shining star that attracted the attention from many users. HeroFi followed the success of StepHero, listed their token on Launchzone, became a new crypto hot trend and brought users back to the GameFi projects.
CoinLAB came to HeroFi just a few days right before their IDO date. With a limited amount of token allocation, CoinLAB used most of the token amount to build community. A minigame was hosted with the HeroFi token sales reward for member who refers the most users to join CoinLAB community. It was unbelievable, the number of members increased rapidly; the IDO event succeeded with the profit of 14 times the investment budget, built the reputation for HeroFi as well as the image of CoinLAB with the community.
From here, CoinLAB realized the best way to earn highest profit with lowest risk, for their community members, is to seek for high quality startup projects which supported by reputed in the crypto market to invest in private sales round - before their tokens are sold to the public.
But how to be able to participate in the private sales round? Firstly, there need to be a community. CoinLAB community at that time has just been established, nothing stands out from other larger communities which have been built years earlier. So it was the condition to have a community but it was not a competitive advantage of CoinLAB. So what CoinLAB needed to show is the difference in how the projects will be supported with well-planned marketing and promotion strategies. The marketing plan included specific and detailed community-based activities with free eye-catching graphic designs exclusively for projects that CoinLAB were allocated for investment. Every event information and promotion updates were delivered through CoinLAB official channels and connected KOLs, CoinLAB community members also actively involved in these activities to receive the token sales slots and AMA event slots as rewards, etc. CoinLAB committed to bring benefits to projects by implementing all the plans with the expeditious manner.
25 days later, CoinLAB has built the relationship with 15 large and small domestic partners, brought to the community 10 investment opportunities with profit of at least 10 times the budget; no project caused loss to investors.
After exactly 2 months, CoinLAB’s community has reached 10,000 members and has built partnership with approximately 50 domestic and international ventures - including outstanding projects like Bomb Crypto, Moniwar, DragonKart, MechMaster, SpaceY, Zuki Moba, InPoker, HeroesTD and other big DeFi projects like LaunchZone, Helmet, CeloLaunch, Banger, etc.
CoinLAB has attended different meetings and events to observe the project introduction and rejected some projects which were not enough reliable and profit guaranteed according the opinion of CoinLAB team.
CoinLAB Family is now divided into specialized groups that in charge of different tasks with different contribution to projects or community. There are approximately 100 personnel working in the team, including foreign staff members.
KOLs whom CoinLAB collaborates with to support promoting projects are well-known KOLs in the community with more than 500,000 followers on Twitter.
CoinLAB’s official communication channels are diversified and synchronized including Twittter, Telegram, Facebook, Discord, TikTok and YouTube; the products / activities are vibrant and constantly updated everyday.
CoinLAB Social Media is now an official marketing agency with the expertise that has been tested through series of successful IDOs, a reliable partner where Vietnamese projects can seek for collaboration when finding international market as well as for international projects when accessing Southeast Asian - Vietnamese crypto market.
Above all, CoinLAB Community is a close-knit community that everyone trusts each other, share their crypto knowledge and well-researched investment opportunities, together support and accompany with the projects and lastly share the profits which commensurate with their efforts.